Albarth veterinery company in Qatar was founded in 2017 by a team of highly experienced veterinarians covering most veterinery sectors in Qatari market. We are dealing with all veterinery sectors in Qatar government, semi government establishment, horse stables, poultry farms, pet animal clinics, and veterinery pharmacies. Company is recognized as one of fastest growing and reputed company in Qatar, now our team is over 9 employees 7 veterinarians and 2 assistants


fly repellent

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced is a popular and trusted product containing powerful and long-lasting repellent. Effectively repels flies, stable flies, and all biting insects, keeping your horse or pony comfortable and happy at all times.
  • D.E.E.T based formulation.
  • Added moisturisers, conditioners and natural extracts to assist with the longevity of repellency.
  • Ideal for use where horses and ponies are kept in problem areas such as around ponds, streams and waterways that are heavily burdened with biting insects.
Made in the UK.
Shake well before use. Patch test 48 hours prior to application if you have not used a D.E.E.T based product before or if horse is sensitive skinned. Spray evenly over the coat but be careful not to saturate. If horse or pony is nervous of sprays apply to a cloth or sponge and wipe over the areas required. For best results apply early in the morning before turnout and before heat of midday sun to allow the formula to dry and seal the hair. Avoid direct contact with mucous membranes. When fly infestation is very heavy, re-application may be required more frequently. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Not recommended to use under saddles, fly rugs or fly masks as may cause irritation.
Key ingredients: DEET – N,N-Diethyl-M- Tolumide, P-Menthane 3.8-diol.

hydra power

New name, same trusted formulation! Hydra-Power is ideal for calves at risk of, during periods of and recovering from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea). A dietetic feed for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion. A 4 in 1 oral hydration formula, providing essential electrolytes, energy, an alkalising agent, and a natural antioxidant, Highly effective, economically viable and easy to administer on farm. Helps support improved water absorption from the gut, by allowing sodium uptake and providing energy. Size available: 12 x 100g sachet (Code 7745) | 48 x 100g sachet (Code 7746)  

twin lamb solution

Twin Lamb Solution is a fast working, energy complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs. A 45ml dose will provide a ewe with the energy she requires quickly. Exhausted ewes can show improvement in only a few hours. Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, amino acids, vitamins and minerals Application: 45ml Size available: 6 x 450ml (10 feeds) (Code 3767)  

Kick lamb start

A rapid energy boost for small, weak and growing lambs. Lamb Kick Start is a glucogenic energy source to aid the elevation of blood glucose levels in weak lambs. The addition of key ingredients in this supplement ensures it is especially formulated to support lambs in the critical first few days of life. Easy to administer Lamb Kick Start supports fading lambs with rapidly available energy, aiding suckling. Contains: Propan 1, 2 diol, cane molasses, vitamins and minerals Sizes available: 6 x 100ml (25 lamb pack size) (Code 0650) Application: 4ml orally  

Vitacen C-50%

COMPOSITION Vitamin C          500 mg Carrier (lactose monohydrate), up to 1 gm INDICATIONS FOR USE Source of vitamin C POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Oral route administered in feed or in drinking water 400 gm 1 ton of feed or 0 4 gm 1 liter of drinking water  


COMPOSITION Composition per ml: Diminazene aceturato       75 mg Antipyrine                       250 mg Vitamin B12                0,04 mcg. Excipients, n.q. POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Dogs: 1 ml / 22 kg l.w. (3.5 mg of Diminazene aceturate / kg l.w.). Horses and cattle: 1 ml / 25 kg l.w. (3 mg of Diminazene aceturate / kg l.w.). Administer by intramuscular via.    


COMPOSITION Vitamin E                                  150 mg Selenium (sodium selenite)      0.5 mg Excipients n.q. DISEASES White muscle disease, Stiffness, Infertility POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Intramuscular or subcutaneous via. WHITE MUSCLE DISEASE Preventive treatment in sheep: 4 ml SELCEN-E / animal before mating 4 ml SELCEN-E / animal halfway through gestation 4 ml SELCEN-E / animal three weeks before parturition. Preventive treatment in lambs: 1 ml SELCEN-E / animal at docking 1.5 ml SELCEN-E / animal at weaning 2 ml SELCEN-E / animal three weeks after weaning Curative treatment in lamb: 2 ml SELCEN-E / animal. If necessary, repeat after 10-14 days. Preventive treatment in cow: 15 ml SELCEN-E / Animal twice within 15 days. Preventive treatment in calves: 2 ml SELCEN-E / newborn calves, 8 ml SELCEN-E / animal aged 3-4 week, 10 ml SELCEN-E / animal at weaning. Curative treatment in calves: 4 ml SELCEN-E / newborn animals, 8 ml SELCEN-E / animal aged 3-4 weeks, 12 ml SELCEN-E / animal at weaning. STIFFNESS IN CATTLE: 30 ml SELCEN-E / Animal. INFERTILITY (TREATMENT) Sheep: 8 ml SELCEN-E / Animal (male and female).

Marbocen 100 mg/ml

COMPOSITION Each ml contains: Active substance: Marbofloxacin     100,0 mg Excipients: Metacresol             2,0 mg Thioglycerol           1,0 mg Disodium edetate    0,1 mg Other excipients, q.s. INDICATIONS FOR USE Cattle: Treatment of respiratory infections caused by strains of Histophilus somni, Mannheimia haemolytica, Mycoplasma bovis and Pasteurella multocida susceptible to marbofl oxacin. Treatment of acute mastitis caused by strains of Escherichia coli susceptible to marbo. oxacin during the lactation period. POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Cattle: Respiratory infections: 2 ml product/25 kg BW in a single injection by intramuscular route. If the volume to be injected is more than 20 ml, it should be divided between two or more injection sites. In cases of respiratory infections caused by Mycoplasma bovis: 1 ml product/50 kg BW, in a single daily injection for 3 to 5 consecutive days, by intramuscular or subcutaneous route. The first injection may be given by the intravenous route. Acute mastitis: 1 ml product/50 kg BW in a single daily injection for 3 consecutive days by intramuscular or subcutaneous route. The first injection may also be given by the intravenous route. WITHDRAWAL PERIODS Cattle: 8 mg/kg in single injection (IM): Meat and offal: 3 days. Milk: 72 hours 2 mg/kg daily for 3 to 5 days (IV/SC/IM): Meat and offal: 6 days. Milk: 36 hours Pigs (sows): Meat and offal: 4 days.  

Florfenicen 300 mg/ml

COMPOSITION Composition per ml.: Florfenicol            300 mg. Excipients, n.q. POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Cattle: i.m.: 1 ml./15 Kg b.w./Twice 48 h.- s.c.: 2 ml./15 Kg b.w.once only. Pigs: i.m.: 1 ml./20 Kg b.w./twice at 48 h. intervals. Intramuscular in cattle and pigs. Subcutaneus in cattle. WITHDRAWAL PERIODS Meat: Bovine: IM via: 30 days. SC via: 44 days. Porcine: 18 days. Ovine: 39 days. Milk: Don't use.  

Dermocen topic

COMPOSITION Composition per g.: Camphor                            20 mg Methyl salicylate               25 mg Azulene                             0.2 mg Extract of camomile          25 mg Excipients, n.q. POSOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION VIA Apply on the affected zone (2-3 times / day) and practice a soft massage to improve the product penetration. Rinse with water before milking to avoid residues in the teats.